North, North, North – Keep Heading North

So little time, so many kilometers and still so many to do!

Le Heaulme (outside Paris) – Belgium Border –  Brugge – Dutch Border – Castricum – Groningen – German Border –  Leer – Bremen – Hamburg – Schleswig – Danish Border – Aabenraa  – Kolding and now going all the way up until Hirtshals to catch a ferry over to Kristiansand. That’s in Norway by the way.

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This is a bid farewell from this blog. I would say a few words but I am not actually  going too far, I am just moving my office next door.
As this is a new part of my life and actually in company, well I convinced her to jump on the blogging train and we can write and photograph togeather.

So who knows there might actually be some quality writing and photos :)

Thank you for reading this stage of my life – now you are more than welcome to come along and join us on this new stage of our lives.

Safe journeys, take care and may the road God’s be with you!


It has indeed been a long time since anything has been written on here.

A small update is all I feel inclined to do. Which by no means signifies that more continuous updates will follow, but neither does it mean that updates will stop.
Maybe someday I will again feel the call to write on here.

But for now, things have changed; I am no longer on a bike, neither am I solo.
Life has given me someone to travel with and also life has given me the opportunity to do something new.
On wednesday we head out from Sevilla to walk to Greece (as a starting destination)

Anyway, before I get sidetracked.

Stay safe
Take care
And may the road God’s be with you.


After a long shower and a good meal, some pretty great conversation. It was time too kip, there are a few things you learn after being sat on the saddle of the bike for some time. That is; that if you abuse of the night – it will come back to bite you the next day.
We didn’t have much of a rush the next morning, so I washed my things, got our stuff back in order and headed out after this threatening mist had dissipated. At least for me, it was something I had still to accustom myself too. I was fully conscious that the further north I went, the bigger the possibility that is was going to rain – but I had not yet quite grasped a hold of the thought. After quite some time in a very dry climate, in a part of the world, where water is near to non-existent; at least the one that falls from the sky – and when it does fall, the few times (and I’m probably exaggerating here) it does rain, it is a more than welcome gift from above. So being challenged with the idea that rain could also (again) fall in a threatening manner, in the form that was not really a pleasantry, but more an inconvenience – was something I still had to come to terms with. Either way; for now … it wasn’t going to rain, just a patch of mist that had crept around from spending the night in a valley and a dammed lake. Continue reading

What does it take to find one’s writers voice?

That little persona within all of us who holds our hands and guides us into damnation, or not … that continuous force whom maintains the black and white on the same page, not letting the drifters bypass the main saga; pinning the focus down and emphasizing with pure, honest and open narrative. Continue reading

I look around this … this thing we call ‘home’, this land we attribute as ‘our country’ and there is nothing that imply s that we are getting anywhere, that we are doing anything productive with all this heap of bullshit ideas and philosophy.
I notice people raging, talking and bickering over injustices, yet no one seems to do anything about nothing. It’s all a catch 22, it’s all a vicious circle. A disgusting hypocrisy, people seem happy to live surrounded by. Continue reading

"As scary as the world is – and it is – it is merely a ride" Bill Hicks


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